Tembo The Elephant Handmade Felted Slippers


Little ones just love trumpeting here, there and everywhere in their Tembo Elephant handmade felted slippers, featuring helpful pull-on tails and adorable curly trunks.

Tembo is a favourite of the H&Q herd, keeping little feet snuggly and warm and once on, they won’t want to be taken off!

Award winning Tembo is designed by H&Q and beautifully handcrafted by skilled women in a small co-operative near Kathmandu, who shape the wool by hand with soap, water and lots of love.

Tembo the Elephant’s delicate features are carefully hand-sewn on which truly bring the little characters to life whilst the cross-stitched soft suede anti slip soles allow for more adventures in the day!

Supporting Tusk on every sale, help us help Tusk protect our endangered animals.


* - UK Mainland only.