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Woodcare / Finishes

Caring for your Handmade Hector & Queen Furniture

At Hector & Queen, we only use the very best solid hardwoods and hardwood veneers, ensuring your choice of quality,handmade children’s bedroom furniture is not only beautiful but durable and long lasting. Our natural finishes enhance the uniqueness and character of the timber we use ensuring each piece of furniture is individual to you.

Wood is a naturally beautiful and organic material. As such it has its own very unique properties due to varying grain patterns, colour and knotting. It is normal practice for all timber to expand and contract naturally during changes in season, humidity and temperature, whereby some movement may be visible. Where excessive moisture occurs, this may result in the stiffening of drawer movements.

Exposing your furniture to excessive heat (ie in front of a radiator) can result in cracking. Placing your furniture in direct sunlight (ie under a window) can change the colours of the wood. Try and avoid placing electrical equipment like televisions, lamps or game consoles for prolonged periods of time on your furniture as this may cause scorching. Any hot cups should be placed on top of a protective mat and never directly onto the wooden surface.

Regular dusting with a soft, dry cloth is recommended to maintain the appearance of your furniture. Avoid using any kind of silicone polish as this may cause a build up of silicone film which may alter the appearance of your furniture. Any noticeable marks should be removed with a clean, damp cloth followed by a dry cloth to remove any moisture.